Mobile “Event” App


Project Highlights

My role in this project was both UX and UI designer. I developed the user flow, defined the screens, and determined the functional elements. I also created the “look & feel”, designed the UI screens, and produced all the UI graphic elements. Membership had always been funneled to the desktop for this client, and this was their first version of a mobile solution.
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  • Simplify the user intake – 7 screens were reduced to 4 screens
  • Design the page to work for a full range of mobile devices
  • Maintain a bright visual look via a font with a thinner stroke, and very clean light weights
  • Redefine the color palette to enhance readabiliy and spotlight the CTA elements while retaining brand recognition
  • Translate the desktop navigation to concise, intuitive mobile solutions
  • Provide solutins and designs that worked equally well for iOS and Android devices
  • Refresh the color palette while retaining brand identity

Growth Experiment

Increase member aquisition and retention


Acquisition / Rentention


Providing a mobile app for events will improve membership acquistion and retention.


At least 10% improvement.


At least 1 month


Untested - in DEV


NDA protected


Adobe Creative Suite


Growth Lead
VP Marketing
SEO Lead

UX / User Flow

User flow - UX design

Design Elements


Mobile event app color palette


SF Pro Text
SF Compact Display
First text option
Second text option

CTA Buttons

CTA rounded button set

Design Mock Ups

Events Landing Page

Landing screen mobile event app


Notifications Screen – version “A”

Mobile event app notifications - version A

Notifications Screen – version “B”

Mobile event app notifications - version A