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Project Highlights

My role in this project was UX and UI designer. The project was to design all screens for an entire new web site for a start up company. The premise was a new type marketplace, that would reference comfortable market standard UX/UI patterns, but the transactional process is unique. This process is not actually shown in these mock ups as it is proprietary. Approximately 50 screens were created, and multiple versions of the primary screens. The project is still NDA so a limited number of revised mock ups are shown here.
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  • Create a “familiar” marketplace web site environment that intuitively guide users through a unique transactional process.
  • Design the pages to be fully responsive
  • Design the interace to be easily scalable in order to handle very robust commercial listings and purchase traffic
  • Integrate UI elements for search, filter, sort, categorize, and group in the design from the initial MVP version
  • Interate the purchase intake flow to reduce the UX/UI to the truly essential elements
  • All mock ups were created with a gray scale palette to retain focus on functionality and overall &sldquo;page” balance

Growth Experiment





A new marketplace will succeed as a start up.


Get 1,000 first time members.


3 months.


Untested - in DEV




Adobe Creative Suite



Design Elements



Mock ups were in grayscale, with one color mock up screen

BestBet color palette
UI color palette
BestBet grayscale palette
Mock up grayscale palette


Georgia page title font sample
Open Sans section title font sample
Opens Sans body font sample

CTA Buttons

Bestbet color CTA button

Bestbet grayscale CTA button
Bestbet grayscale CTA button

Design Mock Ups

Home Page Color Mock Up - Partial


Home page design - color

Listing Page Mock Up


Listing page mock up