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Project Highlights

My role in this project was Senior UX/UI Designer. The UX/UI analyis was predicated on extensive site user data, competitive comparison, best practices, and collaboration with the Growth, Marketing, and SEO leads. The design was iterated to the following solutions, which resulted in a release that significantly exceeded the project goals.
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  • Simplify the page — 6% less scroll height, 60% less page density
  • Design the page to be fully responsive
  • Reduce the content visual “weight” via more white space and a new font with a thinner stroke, and very clean light weights
  • Promote a clear, intuitive intake form and a new hero with warm colors, a professional ambiance, and a confident, friendly personna
  • Redefine the color palette to enhance readabiliy and spotlight the CTA elements while retaining brand recognition
  • Simplify the header to 2 global navigation elements and search, reduced from the original set of 9 gloabl links and search
  • Reduce the primary intake links from 45 to 21, and integrate these links in relevant content in less visually obtrusive ways
  • Consolidate secondary intake links into expandable sets that provided users with multiple levels of detail and action
  • Introduce multiple “trust” elements on the page from a range of sources
  • Focus on fewer content elements, reduce the initial content display, and enhance the visual significance of this content
  • Display only “winning” elements defined by site statistics

Growth Experiment

Improve the conversion rate for the site home page.




Updating the UI of the page, and providing clean CTA elements, will improve the conversion rate.


At least 5% improvement.


At least 1 month based on data from Google Analytics.


Achieved goal by a mulitple (NDA protected)




Adobe Creative Suite


Growth Lead
VP Marketing
SEO Lead

Design Elements


Original color paletteStarting palette
Redesign color paletteFinal palette


Original font sample
Original fonts
Redesign color paletteRedesign fonts

CTA Buttons

Original CTA hero button
Original CTA secondary buttonOriginal buttons


Redesign CTA hero button
Redesign CTA secondary buttonRedesigned buttons

Design Mock Ups

Redesigned Home Page - Partial


Home page redesign

New Page Elements


Design element - How It Works

Design element - Highly Rated Attorneys

Design element - What People Are Saying

Redesigned Home Page - Full


Redesigned home page

Original Home Page - Full


Original home page design