Mint Mobile Design


Project Highlights

My role in this project was UI designer. The Mint mobile experience needed to be updated to reflect the new Mint web site design. I produced the UI designs for the primary Mint mobile screens, which were used for both the responsive and app solutions. These designs reflected the web site style guide, but adapted the content and functionality to the mobile interface.
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  • Create the mobile navigation elements
  • Design intake forms for the mobile platform
  • Adapt the desktop style guide to the mobile design
  • Design mobile contact forms for the two primary Mint membership levels
  • Create a range of design solutions for the home page that would be used as template options for the secondary pages
  • Design multiple options for the home page hero and CTA elements
  • Design the solutions for both the responsive and mobile app interfaces
  • Produce UI elements for mobile and 2X mobile

Growth Experiment

Improve the convertion rate for the intake funnel




The hypothesis, goals, timeframe, testing and analysis were handled by the client


Mint via Vertical Spin


Adobe Creative Suite


Design Lead

Design Elements


Mint style guide palette


Mint font sample

CTA Buttons

Mint mobile CTA button

Design Mock Ups

Mobile Nav Options


Mobile Nav Options

Mobile Mock Up - iPhone


Mobile mock up - iPhone

Mobile Mock Up - iPad


Mobile mock up - iPad